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DR GREEN company (before: Termo Eko Energia)

The company was established in 2009. In 2010, the construction of the thermal waste treatment installation began in connection with the contract for "Construction and equipment of a modern organic waste recycling center for the implementation of innovative fertilizer products" funding signed with the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

In 2013, DR GREEN foliar fertilizers were introduced to the market. The biggest advantage of this brand is the highest concentration of nutrients. The product gained many supporters in the first year. Constant contact with customers resulting from the specificity of sales allowed the company to obtain more and more data on the basis of which the Company could plan the next steps aimed at creating an even more perfect product. Knowing the market needs, the Company undertook activities related to the introduction of modern production technology, improving product properties.

In 2014, DR GREEN submitted an application under the title "Development of innovative fertilizers based on an alternative source of raw material" No. 270963; under the "NATURAL ENVIRONMENT, AGRICULTURE AND FORESTRY" - BIOSTRATEG program organized by the National Center for Research and Development. The organizer issued a positive decision and the Company qualified to implement the project with the participation of scientific units - the University of Rzeszów and the Rzeszów University of Technology.

2016 brings intensive works related to the adaptation of the new headquarters for the company. A new life has been breathed into the old building in Fablok in Chrzanów, where locomotives, cranes and tanks were built. The ultramodern laboratory and production line make DR GREEN fertilizers much more effective than other competing "substances", which is confirmed by tests carried out by independent research centers. The quality of the products is appreciated by farmers and agronomists all over Poland and abroad. The new headquarters of the company, originally an old post-industrial production and office hall, is transformed into a modern production and research center, gathering high-class specialists, and parallelly the network of distributors is significantly expanding. DR GREEN foliar fertilizers are gaining new markets in 2017, and agricultural production giants from Europe and Africa are tightening their cooperation with DR GREEN Sp. z o.o.


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