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Growing sugarbeet

Uprawa buraka cukrowego

Growing sugarbeet does not give satisfactory crops everywhere, because it requires appropriate soil conditions, mineral fertilization and foliar fertilization. The cultivation of sugar beet in Poland is carried out mainly for the purposes of the sugar industry, although these plants also serve as food for animals. What are the conditions for sowing and growing sugar beet? To find out, please read the text below.

Cultivation of sugarbeet - sowing conditions

Growing sugar beet is very demanding. The plant needs perfectly prepared soil, as well as a good water supply. It does not tolerate low temperatures. You should also take care of the systematic fertilization of the beet, which will be adapted to the course of vegetation and adequate protection against weeds. Cultivation is highly dependent on the condition of the soil. It must be rich in micro- and macroelements, a humus layer and a suitable pH of about 6.0 (the best conditions for growth) and a light structure thanks to which air and water reach deep layers. The optimal conditions for sowing will be positive soil temperature (5˚°C) at a depth of several centimeters. If the soil is even warmer, the time from sowing to germination is significantly reduced.

Cultivation of sugar beet - forecrop, type and soil pH for sowing

The cultivation of sugar beet in Poland is often used as a forecrop for cereals such as barley and wheat. Rapeseed or grass should not be grown before the beets. It is worth using catch crops to prevent the development of weeds.

The soil for sowing should be gently loosened to avoid unevenness which will adversely affect the uniform growth of the plants. The seeds of sugar beet must be distributed in the soil at the same depth (ideally 1.5-2 cm) to achieve even emergence. The rows should be spaced evenly apart to make them easier to dig.

The date of sugarbeet sowing

In case of obtaining the optimal soil conditions (temperature, humidity) that the sugarbeet needs, the sowing date should be determined on the basis of the required 180 days of vegetation. It is best when it is carried out at the turn of April and May, because the next month could adversely affect the development of crops. As long as the weather is favorable, sowing should be started in early spring.

What is sugarbeet used for?

This plant is primarily used to produce sugar around the world. Sugar is obtained from the roots of the plant. Molasses is also made from this part of the beet (used in the production process of e.g. yeast and alcohol). The cultivation of sugar beet makes it possible to obtain valuable fertilizer and valuable fodder, which is created from the leaves and roots of the plant.

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