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Foliar fertilizer - Vegetables

Dr Green Vegetables

A micronutrient fertilizer with increased iron, manganese and zinc content.

The iron contained in the fertilizer affects the photosynthesis process and increases frost resistance, zinc influences the synthesis of chlorophyll and vitamins.

A properly composed fertilizer perfectly covers the nutrient requirements of all vegetable plants:

  • tomato,
  • pepper,
  • cucumber,
  • onion,
  • brassica,
  • root vegetables. 

Dr Green Vegetables


250 g/kg


45 g/kg


5 g/kg


5 g/kg


80 g/kg


50 g/kg


0,5 g/kg


50 g/kg

Total of micro-elements

190 g/kg


USE: DR GREEN - VEGETABLES foliar fertilizer is recommended for foliar feeding in a form of a water solution of the fertilizer itself, combined with magnesium sulphate solution (2,5%) or other macro element fertilizer of DR GREEN series (Start, Energy, Quality), and appropriate (pre-tested for miscibility) pesticide.

Recommended doses are general – nutritional requirements of the given group / variety of plants, the phase of vegetative growth, the nutritional status must be taken under consideration.

Plant Number of applications Recommended times of feeding One-time doses per 1 ha
DR GREEN VEGETABLES [kg/ha] Working liquid [l/ha]
TOMATO, PEPPER, CUCUMBER 2-4 applications I - II - intensive vegetative growth every 7-14 days 1-3 200 - 300
III - before flowering
IV - fruit ripening
BULB VEGETABLES (onion, leek, garlic) 2-3 applications I - after the formation of first true leaf
II - every 10-14 days
BRASSICA (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kohlrabi) 2-3 applications I - 2-3 weeks after slips planting
II - III - every 10-14 days
ROOTS VEGETABLES (carrot, parsley, celery) 2-4 applications I - beginning of the intensive growth (celery - 3 weeks after slips planting)
II - every 14 days


  • Foliar fertilizer can be used during intensive growth, in decisive phases of plant development, as well as in conditions of impeded uptake of nutrients by the root system (in the case of micronutrient deficiencies disclosure, a minimum of two foliar feeding treatments should be carried out in 7 days).
  • In order to provide a comprehensive supply for plants in individual development phases, we recommend using macroelement foliar fertilizers of DR GREEN series (Start, Energy, Quality).

How to prepare the working solution

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